Branch Community Services

Branch Community Services
Tax Foreclosure Solutions 


What we do

At Branch Community Services, our goal is to work with individuals and families undergoing tax foreclosure on their homes. Every year countless homeowners have their homes taken away from them and their credit ruined with nothing to show for it. We aim to change that. 



If you are going through a tax foreclosure, we can help save your credit and get you paid for your home. We pay your taxes owed and get you a fair market value on your home. 



Client Reviews

I was about to get kicked out of my home and lose everything. I didn’t even know where I was going to live! I am so glad those guys at Branch Community Services came knocking at my door. Not only did they purchase my home for more then I thought it was worth, they saved my credit by paying the taxes I owed. With my credit intact and with money from the sale, I was able to purchase another home days after I was supposed to be evicted.